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What a cold evening! Not bad if it was March 22, but May 22? The boys played well despite the chill and came away with a 2-2 tie. Lots of gutsy plays from players on both teams. It was another fun game to watch...
Another Tornadoes gauntlet was thrown down as they had to face the formidable RVC team 9v11. Their 11 with subs vs. the Tornadoes 9. From this spectator's viewpoint, the Tornadoes scored 3 short-handed goals although I have heard that the 3rd "goal" might not have been allowed. Overall, it was a fun game to watch. As evidenced by the photos, a few players on each team earned some serious frequent flyer miles for their performances. Good game, gentlemen!
A match for all moms to enjoy on Mother's Day. Photos of the first half only. We heard that it was a pretty good game overall!
The Little Neck Demons gave the Tornadoes a tough battle. Playing 9 on 9 opened up the playing field for some great passing opportunities that lead to a few LND scores. Eric went down hard and had to be taken to the hospital to check out his damaged wrist. We wish him a very speedy recovery.
When will the Winter Soccer season be over? Not sure if the slightly blurred images are due to a show shutter speed or the fact that I was shivering intensely! Despite the unseasonable conditions all of the boys played well and hard. Once again, the Typhoons took advantage of every opportunity to bring the ball into their offensive zone. Some very good passing lead to some very good scoring. Well done, boys!
These two teams were pretty evenly matched. The ball spent equal time at both ends of the field. The Typhoons prevailed however, and came away with a very rewarding "W" early in the season. Great "heads up" play created the scoring opportunities as all of the goals were truly earned. This game was fun to watch, and thankfully, warm enough to watch as well!
MUCH too cold for March 26th! It came in like a lion, but where's the out like a lamb part? Despite the bone chilling cold, the Typhoons played a very aggressive and smart game. The boys from Patchogue-Medford played very well also as the game ended in a 2-2 tie. Not a bad way to start the new season. Let's just hope that the coming weeks will bring some warmer weather!
That was a tough team to play - especially under some terribly tough conditions. About 16 Rosedale players showed up to face the brave band of 7 Tornadoes players. Being outmanned 11 to 7 on the field didn't phase the Tornadoes in the least. This surely could have been a shutout, but the Tornadoes managed to score not one, but two shorthanded goals! Gutsy performances... Can't wait to see you go 11V11!
It's been quite a while since we posted any soccer photos. Good to be back outdoors, even if it was just a bit too chilly. Our Typhoons actually outplayed their opponents, but somehow ended up with a 3-0 loss. Must convert some of those "shots on goalie" into "shots on goal." Great game all around. It's going to be a great spring season!
Typhoons Vs. Copaigue: Last game of the season. The Typhoons stepped it up considerably. Great defense and awesome offense took them from a 1 goal deficit to a 3 goal victory. Ending the season with a 4-1 victory against a fordimable opponent surely provides a great deal of satisfaction to all of the players, coaches and supportive parents and friends. This was a team of terrific boys that played hard every weekend. MANY, many thanks to coaches Dave, Mike and Tim for their dedication of time and talent. We hope to see everyone again in the spring!
Typhoons Vs. Lindenhurst: Another bonus day in November - T-shirts and shorts on the 13th! Our boys played well enough to earn some very positive comments from the Lindenhurst coach. Everyone should be very proud of their performance on the field. Although the score didn't favor our Typhoons, the players and coaches favored themselves by playing a very tight game. It was lots of fun to watch from the sidelines. Only one more to go this season...
Typhoons Vs. Bohemia: On a fiercely windy day, these two teams met at the Baymen's soccer complex in Sayville. Both teams ran hard, kicked hard, and displayed a strong desire to win the game. Bohemia ended up with the win, but all players, coaches, and parents must be very proud of the real teamwork that was evident on the field. It was a great game to watch!
Baymen 9U: Typhoons Vs. West Islip United: Another beautiful day to be outdoors. The summer-like temperatures had all of the boys working up a sweat as they ran up and down the field. Jared's excellent goal keeping and Eric's break away goal left the Typhoons with a 1-0 lead at the half. West Islip came back with renewed energy in the second half to assure their victory. Overall, it was an excellent game to watch. All of the players should be very proud of their performances!
The Sachem Tornadoes played their final game of the spring season versus the team from Deer Park. The fall will be here before you know it, and we'll start all over again!
Final game of the spring season for the Hurricanes. They played a tough team from Mt. Sinai on a hot and humid day. Ready for the summer respite, but looking forward to the fall season as well.
Another tough game for the Tornadoes. Happy to report that nobody actually lost their head in this one. Well played end to end.
The Tornadoes played tough against a formidable Stoney Brook team. They were down 3 players and had no subs on a very hot day. Tough day...tough game...tough team.
Hurricanes vs. North Babylon in a well contested game. The Hurricanes 2-1 victory was no easy feat. Both teams came to play, and play they did! Excellent effort from everyone.
Baymen Hurricanes vs. Middle Country. Another well played game for both teams. Lots of aggressive play made this a very interesting game to watch.
A well played game between the Baymen Hurricanes and the 9U team from Brentwood. Both teams played with lots of enthusiasm as is evidenced in these photos.
This was a well played game againt a tough opponent. Players on both teams should be proud of their performance and the ultimate 1-1 tie score.
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