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Sayville FB Photo Day
Photo Packages and Specialty Items Brochure for the 2013 season
We are delighted to be selected once again to provide the Sayville Youth Football League families with their player and team portraits.  It's never too late to start that collection of Refrigerator Magnets, or Lucite Statuettes along with the new season's portraits. 

We take special care to deliver the highest quality portraits and photo products to you, our neighbors and friends. 
The league is taking care of the scheduling process so look for your team's date and time to come from your coach!

We surely hope that you will enjoy this year's edition, and have another terrific Sayville Youth Football League season!

Please click on the link below to check out the Photo Packages and Specialty items that are available.  Also, please download (use the "Download" option - don't simply right-click and copy) a copy of the order form, and bring the filled out form with your payment on your (soon to be) scheduled date and time.


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