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About Us

A long time ago I was born and raised on the beautiful south shore of Long Island.   The quaint village of Sayville, New York is the place that I have called "home" for the past 30 years or so.  While the NY Metro area is considered to be my territory, clients from Connecticut to Virginia have availed themselves of my talent.

The kid in school who always got an A+ in Art... that was me.  My ability to sketch, draw, and paint drew the attention of teachers, parents, and fellow students alike.  Back in the 7th grade, the teacher designated me to be the "class artist" (whatever that really meant) and allowed me to spend the first half hour of every Monday with her favorite book of inspirations to duplicate an image and its accompanying poem on the chalk board.

On Christmas day of that same year I received a Kodak Instamatic camera as a gift from my parents.  That event expanded my already growing artistic talent.  Although that particular piece of equipment was designed to take "snapshots" I immediately started taking "photographs."  Every photo of a person, place or thing elicited comments like "You've got some eye!"  I was able to see and capture the souls of my subjects. 

Some years later, a serious investment in 35mm cameras and lenses elevated the quality of capture and presentation to a new level. Thousands of Kodachrome slides and hundreds of Tri-X prints produced in my darkroom were the products of my passion.  My first three children were the main focus of that passion.  A few weddings and family portrait sessions gave me the confidence to know that I could actually make a living at this craft.

The arrival of high quality digital imaging has revolutionized my photographic self.  I am now in full control of everything from vision to final print.  Image processing functions that I could hardly imagine years ago have now opened another venue for artistic creativity.

The passion has now become an obsession.  

Slowly, but surely my wife, Vicki has been drawn deeply into the fray.  She has developed in skill from "phenomenal assistant" to "talented photographer."  She has honed her skills as a sports/action photographer.  We have become quite a tag-team in covering everything from sporting events to elegant weddings.

An assignment to preserve anything in photographs is not taken lightly.  We will treat you and the images that we capture and deliver with the utmost respect and care.   It is our desire to excel for you and for ourselves.

 - Ray & Vicki

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